Q: I have home-schooled my seventh-grade daughter on and off through elementary school. This school year, I began home-schooling her, but she’s now telling me she wants to go to “real” school again because she wants to be with other kids her age. She’s very social and has lots of friends, mostly through the church we attend.

The same thing occurred last year. After a month at the local public school, she wanted to be home-schooled again, her reason being that public school was boring, but their math curriculum was too hard. She has always had difficulty with math, so I instruct at a slower pace. Her conflict over home-schooling vs.“real” schooling seems to be largely a matter of wanting to be with other kids her age (which I understand) versus her longstanding difficulty with anything having to do with numbers. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to bounce back and forth between public school and home-school. Your thoughts, please.

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