Chelan County

Silas James Abbott, 23, and Brittany Dafne Martinez-Castaneda, 19, both of East Wenatchee

Dalton Robert Anderson, 24, and Kaylie Anna Johnson, 25, both of Wenatchee

Connor Austin Faupel, 29, and Tia Marie Paradis, 28, both of Rochester, Minnesota

Brandon Henry Pierce, 26, and Courtnee Kristine Cook, 26, both of Wenatchee

Chad Marshall Jackson, 35, and Kristin Marie Picard, 34, both of Wenatchee

Shelly Kate May, 35, and Caroline Elizabeth Kennedy, 33, both of Wenatchee

Scott Caleb Bugni, 36, and Katie Elizabeth Floyd, 35, both of Albany, Oregon

Wade William Swaner, 32, and Linzie Kay Cooper, 30, both of Chelan

Shawn William Sanders, 35, Cashmere, and Karla Jane Ilaida Que, 31, Pasig City, Philippines

Ryan Keeley Senseney Harrison, 30, and Carriann Marie Shae, 30, both of San Jose, California

Scot Alan Geoghegan, 48, and Christiane Rekai, 49, both of Wenatchee

Richard Lee O’Neel, 29, and Roxanne Lee Blackman, 29, both of Cashmere

John David Place, 30, and Rachel Katherine Bishop, 30, both of Leavenworth

Casey David McNeill, 30, and R’shelle Carolyn Therriault, 31, both of Wenatchee

Joshua Randall Tarr, 48, and Shannon Renee Bivins, 48, both of Wenatchee

Adrian Michael Spencer, 35, and Francesca Maria Vespa, 29, both of Helena, Montana

Garrett Lee Smith, 30, and Amanda Katherine Ries, 30, both of Wenatchee

Orrie John Brighton, 31, and Ryann Lindsy McKinzie, 28, both of East Wenatchee

Ramon Mendoza-Pascual, 45, Federal Way, and Sandra Martinez Oseguera, 44, Wenatchee

Christian Joel Scott, 23, and Jamie Lee Reilly, 24, both of Wenatchee

Douglas County

Ryan Dillon Rosas, 26, and Danielle Nicolle Morseman, 25, both of Rancho Cucamonga, California

Thane David Street, 31, and Alison Marie Bowlin, 30, both of East Wenatchee

— compiled by Cala Flamond, World staff

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