Students in grades 6-8 competed in the Math is Cool championships at Foothills Middle School on Feb. 7. Students from around North Central Washington competed in teams of four and the top team in each division qualified to move onto state competition in Moses Lake in May.

Results from the competition are as follows:


Sixth Grade Championships

Division Phi: first, Linus Chen, Foothills; second, Clementine Belanger, Foothills; third, Cash Fowler, Foothills

Division Epsilon: first, Ava Schmidt, Icicle River Middle School; second, Owen Ervin, Clovis Point Intermediate School; third, Nathan Blakney, Orchard Middle School

Division Pi: first, Boden Thomson, Methow Valley; second, Dylan Wang, Bridgeport; third, Alexander Ramsay-George, Methow Valley

Seventh and Eighth Grade


Pre-Algebra Division: first, Caden Peterson, Icicle River; second, Savanna Rowles, Icicle River; third, Norilyn Sanchez, Sterling Middle School

Algebra 1 Division: first, Jasper Bard, Icicle River; second, Becca Henning, Foothills; third, Laura Tovar, Foothills

Geometry Division: first, Ethan Moore, Eastmont; second, Declan Johnstone, Eastmont


Sixth Grade Championships

Division Phi: first, Foothills; second, Sterling; third, Cashmere

Division Epsilon: first, Clovis Point; second, Icicle River; third, Orchard

Division Pi: first, Bridgeport; second, Quincy; third, Methow Valley

Seventh Grade Championships

Division Epsilon: first, Icicle River; second, Sterling; third, Foothills

Division Pi: first, Chief Moses; second, Clovis Point; third, Ephrata

Eighth Grade Championships

Division Phi: first, Foothills; second, Cashmere

Division Pi: first, Eastmont; second, Ephrata; third, Chief Moses