Atalee Gregg is a student artist in Quincy

Quincy student/artist Atalee Gregg is seen here with one of her mural projects.

QUINCY — Ever since she could hold a pencil, Quincy native Atalee Gregg has been scribbling and doodling. Now 17 and a student at Quincy Innovation Academy, she has the opportunity to further her education and her art career.

Gregg recently finished a window painting piece at the Quincy School District Support Services Office in the lead-up to the Quincy High School Homecoming football game and celebration. Many businesses and offices around town were decorating for Homecoming. Debbie Henne, who works in support services, said the office staff was very impressed with how Gregg painted freehand.

Gregg finished the window painting in a single day, she said.

Gregg’s latest project, a mural in the Innovation Academy, she finished last month. The mural is inspired by the mountains and ridges surrounding Quincy as well as the fall season, said Gregg. The mural is done with paint, although she prefers just pencil because she grew up using it. Gregg has also experimented with pastels and charcoal.

“I got to say that’s my favorite, because it was my very first,” she said of pencils.

According to Gregg, she is developing a business plan, and her first step will be distributing business cards to get her name out there with the hope she can keep painting and doing mural work. Her long-term goal is to travel all over and paint murals, even to other countries. In the short term, Gregg wants to get a tattoo license in the coming years after graduation.

“I love it, it’s something that I’m very passionate about,” said Gregg. “It’s something that I’d like to pursue with my life. It’s something that inspires a lot of people.”

She has already lined up another project — some paint work at the Pioneer Elementary playground. Although, the project may have to wait until spring due to weather, said Quincy Innovation Academy Principal Kathie Brown.

“If their interests can go with their career, that’s great,” said Brown, adding that other students are looking for internships as well, such as two boys interested in mechanics and another interested in electrician work.