Student inventors honored for their creative ideas

Top winners from the 2019 Invent Wenatchee competition were: fourth grade Best of Show winner Liam Stuber, left, and fifth grade Best of Show winner Jalen Ping.

WENATCHEE — The 2019 Invent Wenatchee competition was held last month at Pybus Public Market's LocalTel Event Center.

Participating students were fourth and fifth graders from Wenatchee elementary schools. All inventions included a model, display and a logbook detailing their invention process, each of which was carefully considered.

Forty-four students received awards, sponsored by a grant from the Apple STEM Network. Each award winner had the opportunity to participate in the state Invent Washington, Washington State Invention Convention on March 23. An additional 16 students were also invited to participate in the state competition.

All students have been invited to showcase their inventions at the Mini-Maker Faire in the Town Toyota Center on June 1.

Fifth grade Best of Show: Jalen Ping, Sunnyslope, Vendo Bag

Fourth grade Best of Show: Liam Stuber, Washington, Eco Bee


Best Of Category: Riley Collins, fifth grade, Sunnyslope, The T.A.D. (Dishwasher)

Fifth grade: first place, Bella Collyer, Lewis and Clark, The Hydration Hat 1.0

Fourth grade: first place, Kaleb Thayer, Sunnyslope, Painless Injection


Best Of Category: Ryan Branam, fifth grade, Washington, Porta-charge

Fifth grade: first place, Liam White, Sunnyslope, The Drip Drop; second place, Emmawyn Friedli, Sunnyslope, Heat-o-matic

Fourth grade: first place, Anna Meissner, Sunnyslope, Litter Gitter; second place, Cael Ford, John Newbery, Ocean Pollution Sorter


Best of Category: Lucian Headley, fourth grade, Lewis and Clark, No Shock Electric Fence For Cats

Fifth grade: first place, Mia Garibay, Lincoln, The Food Eater

Fourth grade: first place, Sophie Bolz, Washington, Scat: Super Cool Animal Trap 5000/Cat Trap; second place, Anais Velazquez, Lincoln, Muncher & Drinker

Consumer Services

Best Of Category: Ethan Kamphaus, fifth grade, Washington, Expire Detector

Fifth grade: first place Tie, Enrique Arredondo, Washington, Shoelace Twisty; first place Tie, Hannah Roche, Washington, Dust Be Gone; second place, Andria Hwang, Sunnyslope, Super Shower Wower System; third place, Cortez Martinez, Washington, The Colassol; fourth place, Ethan Witheridge, Washington, Life Saver; fifth place, Dawson Brender, Washington, Super Spoon; sixth place, Cruz Martinez, Washington, Easy Climb; seventh place, Michael Mahuika, Sunnyslope, The Footie Flip

Fourth grade: first place, Gemma Adan, Washington, Fs 1000; second place, Neal Nayak, Sunnyslope, Klee-next; third place, Mayah Gomez, Washington, LS Hoodie; fourth place, Molly Nielsen, Sunnyslope, Trash Stash; fifth place (tie), Gunnar Carey, Sunnyslope, Heated Heaven/Handwarmer Pouch; fifth place (tie), Dominic Cochran, Washington, Smart Laces; sixth place, Claire Demirjian, Sunnyslope, All Temp/ Organized Lunchbox;


Best Of Category: Xane Randall, fifth grade, Sunnyslope, Ai Athletic Adaptation

Fifth grade: first place, Ava Ballew, Sunnyslope, Controll-a-ball; second place, Cash Matthews, Mission View, The Auto Ski

Fourth grade: first place, Hunter Biwer, Sunnyslope, Beat The Heat/Game

Jules Verne

Fifth grade: first place, Killian Mcguire and Clementine Belanger, John Newbery, Safe 'n Sound: Robotic Dolphin


Fourth grade: first place, Jack Baier, Sunnyslope, Slam 2 Unjam/Lead Remover; second place, Taydon Fasching, Washington, Magnet Roller

Public Safety

Best Of Category: Maile England, fifth grade, Sunnyslope, Wake Me To Safety

Fifth grade: first place, Michael Scarafiotti, Washington, Dehumidifying Face Mask; second place (tie), Linus Chen, Sunnyslope, P.P.H.L.S.S. (Pulley Powered Horizontally Launched Salt Spreader); second place (tie), Kai Mueller, Washington, Ach Helmet 1000; third place (tie), Braiden Conatzer, Washington, The No Slip Grip Tire; third place (tie), Lindsay Sutton, Washington, Wipe Away Safety

Fourth grade: first place, Lauren Waligorski, Sunnyslope, Padded Protector