Pavilions were part of the Lake Chelan recreation scene for more than 40 years. Three were built in succession in the same area. The first was built in the early 1920s by Arthur Campbell and Joe Carpenter and was dismantled when the lake was raised by Chelan Dam. The second, shown here, was built by Walter Irons and later burned. Irons also built the third pavilion, which was later abandoned. In addition to having swimming facilities, pavilion activities included dancing, bowling and roller skating. The specific date of this photograph is unknown, although the Cascade Flyer boat in the foreground was put into operation around 1921. The Flyer, owned by the Tuttle brothers, transported people to and from towns along the lake, including Stehekin.

The view along the eastern shore of Lake Chelan has changed with the addition of Campbell's Resort and houses overlooking the lake from the bluff above as seen in the current photograph taken on July 8.

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