Downtown Wenatchee as it looked in January, 1916, with snow piled high along the sides of North Wenatchee Avenue. That year was one of the worst snowstorms in the the area's history. Wenatchee had two feet of snowfall in one day and for the year, Leavenworth had a total of nine feet. Wenatchee had a fuel shortage as the coal train from Seattle was blocked "somewhere in the Cascades."

The sign in the photograph advertises the Gem Theatre, which was located at 30 N. Wenatchee Ave in the Griggs Building. The large clock seen in the distance looks similar to the clock that now stands south one block and on the opposite side of Wenatchee Avenue.

In the recent photograph taken Thursday, Dec. 31, 2020, the snowfall is greatly reduced, the parking spots increased, and the buildings, at least at far left, have remained nearly the same - including the Grand Central Building at far left.

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