Monitor is pictured as it looked in the winter around 1915 or 1916. In the photograph is Wenatchee Produce Company near the railroad tracks and Columbia Valley Lumber to the right.

Photographed on December 24, 2021, the McDougall and Sons warehouse and fruit bins occupy the location of what used to be an orchard in the foreground. In this photograph the bright blue building still stands on Main Street. On the front of the building is an insignia, "R.A. Brown - 1911."

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Robert Dufner sent in a note about his memories from the last Looking Back column about Christmas Card Lane.

211222-newslocal-lookingbackchristmascardlane 01.jpg

The residents of Marian Street turned their neighborhood into one of Wenatchee's cheeriest Christmas scenes in 1960. Every resident on the block joined in decorating on a Christmas card theme. Here, children pose by a "Christmas Card Lane" sign at the corner of Cherry and Marian streets. A big red greeting card was attached to each house and illuminated at night. Candy canes were also placed in each yard and topped with a burning patio torch.

"My family lived on Marian Street from 1958 to 1965, and were a part of this magical “Leave it to Beaver” era." He writes. "In my 90 + years, I have lived in many close knit neighborhoods, but Marian Street stands out as the one with the strongest community spirit.

This new development attracted families with children of similar ages. Children could be allowed to safely roam the entire street, because somebody’s Mom was always there to keep an eye on you. The community spirit continued all year long, to include things like block street parties, with the street blocked off to car traffic and dancing in the street.

The individual giant Christmas cards attached to each house were initially generically red. After a few years, this offended some of the more artistically gifted members and a slow trend to more creative cards developed, with each household expressing their own theme. One member of the community volunteered to dress up as Santa Claus and strolled the steady stream of cars cruising the street to hand out candy canes to the children."

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