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Call of the Falls | Natural and man-made cascades deliver shock and awe. But can I get there by car?

Not a cloud in the sky, yet I’m already soaked to the skin. It’s from standing too close to the wind-blown spray from a waterfall that every year lures me, along with thousands of curious visitors and salmon galore, to its unrelenting roar.

The falls at Tumwater Canyon Dam, which once energized electric locomotives across Stevens Pass, still has the power to mesmerize. I count it as one of the best easy-access waterfalls in North Central Washington and gladly endure a wet shower to feel it thunder up my legs straight to my heart.


Visitors linger amid the spray and roar of the falls at Tumwater Canyon Dam near Leavenworth.

Silver Falls2.jpeg

Optimal time to visit Silver Falls is generally late May through mid-October. Any later and you would be wise to pay closer attention to the weather forecast.

Summer Falls2.jpeg

Overflow from Banks Lake tumbles more than 90 feet at Summer Falls.

Falls Creek1.jpeg

A trip to Falls Creek Falls, roughly 25 minutes north of Winthrop, is one more good reason to visit the Methow Valley.

Chief Joseph Dam1.jpeg

Spring runoff on the Columbia River surges through spillway gates of Chief Joseph Dam near Bridgeport.

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