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Ready for a new season | Turn the wardrobe page from winter to spring

Story and photos by Erin Rebar

Ready for a new season

Turn the wardrobe page from winter to spring

As winter turns to spring and the weather gradually warms, many things change. Birds begin to sing, rain falls and the landscape, long barren, begins to green. The natural world isn’t the only thing to make the transition from winter wonderland to spring oasis. As the weather shifts, our wardrobes have no choice but to follow suit.

There are many different elements to consider when putting together your wardrobe for a new season. Fashion, after all, reaches beyond the bounds of trends and personal preferences to reflect our lifestyle, culture and climate.

Most of us can still expect to spend a lot of time at home this spring. We should take this into consideration when planning our spring wardrobes. You don’t need a closet full of work attire and party dresses if most of your time will be spent at home. Instead, opt for comfy yet stylish choices that will keep you feeling great while you work (or play) from your living room.

The weather is another consideration. Spring is a transitional season, and for our wardrobes, that means we need to be prepared for anything.

Light layers

Dew-clad, chilly mornings, sunny afternoons and midday rain showers: you can expect to see any of these — or perhaps all of them — on a spring day. Because of this, layers are the name of the game for spring fashion. Think lightweight cardigans, breezy kimonos and unbuttoned button-ups.

Muted colors are perfect for spring, so try filling your wardrobe with creams and whites, pastels, and soft grays. Not a fan of pastel? Bright, cheery colors are also trending this spring. Just keep in mind the overall color palette of your wardrobe, that way you will be able to build more outfits with a single piece.

Not sure what to do with that cardigan or flannel once it comes off? Try styling it tied around your waist or, for a preppy touch, draped over your shoulders.

Light-wash denim jacket

A lightweight jacket is vital for those days when your cardigans just aren’t cutting it, but it is too warm for a winter coat. Denim jackets are a perfect choice for spring. To increase your springtime vibes, choose one in either light-wash denim or plain white.

A comfy floral dress

Floral prints are a classic for the spring, and they are trending in a big way this year. What better place to take advantage than with the perfect spring dress?

Dresses can be uncomfortable, but they don’t have to be. Since you will probably be spending more time at home than out on the town, choose something in a stretchy or otherwise non-constricting fabric so you can curl up on your couch in style. Toss on a pair of leggings underneath if the weather (or your house) isn’t quite warm enough to let your legs go free.

The perfect pair of comfy jeans

Loose-fitting, light-wash denim is currently on-trend, but don’t give away your skinnies just yet. The key here is all about comfort — nobody wants to hang out at home in a tight pair of jeans all day. So if you are looking for a new pair of jeans this season, be on the lookout for a pair that rivals your favorite pair of sweatpants. Look for soft, stretchy fabric with a loose or forgiving fit to make your denim dreams come true.

A pastel skirt

Bright colors may be trending this year, but pastels are a springtime classic. A breezy, pastel-colored skirt is a great choice for any wardrobe. Choose one in a color that complements the other items in your closet.

A go-to pair of sneakers

Heels may be fun for a night out, but nothing can beat the perfect pair of sneakers as a go-to shoe. Sneakers are great for transitional weather because they are light enough for sunny days while keeping your toes covered on cold or rainy ones. They are also easy to slip on for a quick trip to the store, and comfortable enough to wear on a socially distanced stroll in the great outdoors.