WENATCHEE — The first thing that hits a person when walking into the Mercantile office space is the architecture.

It is a modern space with emphasis on openness and light. Maybe it’s the large, open spaces with white walls and primary-color furniture, but the place feels calm and relaxing.

The Mercantile, 14 N. Wenatchee Ave., offers space to rent for small business owners and entrepreneurs, co-owner Cory Wray said. People can rent space monthly or, starting in September, for the day.

The owners of the company are Cory and Rick Wray, as well as Jeff and Heather Ostenson.

“It is people who, I think, have been working at home, who need to get out of their dining room and have been looking for a smaller office,” Wray said. “It is a lot more economical and efficient just to have your own space here and then you can just share all the amenities with everyone else.”

The city of Wenatchee now has at least three co-working spaces, including the Mission St. Commons and the Wenatchee Workspace. The idea is a growing national trend.

The Mercantile opened its doors about 15 days ago, but almost all of the office spaces inside have been rented, Wray said. They’ve had people from electrical engineers to nonprofits sign up to use the space.

“The reception has been outstanding,” Wray said. “We get a ton of people coming in looking for tours. I think they’re pretty excited about the location and just having something so vibrant in the middle of downtown.”

The space includes high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee and tea, conference rooms, copying and printing, and U.S. Postal Service mailboxes. The mailboxes are exactly like the large metal structures on the sides of the road, but embedded in a wall.

Jackie and Mike Endsley own Endlsey and Company, a marketing company, and are renting an office at Mercantile. They are friends of the Wrays and Ostenson and signed up for a space when they first started the idea.

The couple were working out of a home office before and wanted to move into the downtown area, Mike Endsley said.

“I think its location of just being in the core of downtown is really helpful too,” he said. “We work with a lot of local businesses that are within walking distance of this space.”

There is also an energy working close to other entrepreneurs and business people, Jackie Endlsey said. It is a comfortable space and clients are impressed when meeting there.

“There is the energy of downtown,” Mike Endsley said. “Downtown is a vibrant business community and just being able to be a part of that community in a space that works for small businesses. It is a massive benefit.”

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