Eastmont Property

A 101-acre property in this area near the intersection of Eastmont Avenue and Sunset Highway was listed for sale this week. 

EAST WENATCHEE — A property with 101 acres of mostly vacant land along Eastmont Avenue is for sale for $2.9 million.

The property is on the northeast corner of the Eastmont Avenue and Sunset Highway intersection.

It’s currently home to an orchard, but the land is prime for redevelopment due to its location and zoning, said real estate agent Laura Mounter, who’s listing the property.

Wenatchi Landing sewer extension would allow economic development

A map shows possible uses for the development of Wenatchi Landing. The first phase would be a $4 million project to extend sewer past 29th Street Northwest.

The property, which is owned by the Huehn family, is made up of seven parcels that stretch across several commercial and residential zones.

The property is also within the footprint of Wenatchi Landing, a development project championed by the Port of Douglas County. The first step in that project, extending the sewer system up from East Wenatchee, received legislative funding this year.

"It's about the last undeveloped area. It's kind of this little jewel waiting to be polished up," Douglas County Sewer District Manager Bernita Landers said of the Wenatchi Landing area in April.

The land is also just a few hundred yards away from a 1,544-acre property that was listed for sale in June.

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