WENATCHEE — Construction for a BMX pump park in Lincoln Park will not be completed this fall and will instead be pushed to next summer.

The Wenatchee City Council on Thursday rescinded approval for an $181,400 contract with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for a pump park at Lincoln Park. Councilmember Travis Hornby, who’s worked as a project manager for the alliance, recused himself from the vote.

Evergreen had committed $10,000 of its own money to the city for the project and planned to use some volunteer labor. After nearly two months of negotiation, the group stated it would not be able to complete the contract as bid.

“A lot of it was volunteer work and a lot of the volunteers were fighting fires,” Mayor Frank Kuntz told the council. “They basically said they didn’t think they could make the deadline.”

Construction was expected to finish by October, but Evergreen proposed moving back construction to next summer. The city’s capital projects manager, Charlotte Mitchell, said since the contract included a set schedule, it had to be rescinded once the contractor couldn’t meet the deadline.

“We cannot just allow the contractor to set the contract in this case,” Mitchell said. “Because then we would have to allow that for every other contractor. We couldn’t be seen to be showing favoritism.”

The pump park work will instead be wrapped up into a larger contract for improvements to the entire park, including a splash pad and soccer/lacrosse field.

That larger contract will go out to bid next month and Evergreen, which was the only company to bid on the pump park contract, is expected to bid as a sub.

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