WATERVILLE — Charges were dropped Friday against a woman implicated in the 2019 Banks Lake robbery that has since seen five people convicted of assault and robbery.

Veronica Nanez of Yakima was accused in Douglas County Superior Court of being the driver of a sedan that rammed a pickup driven by a group of hunters attempting to stop a group from stealing their camping generators.

Nanez was charged with three counts of second-degree assault, second-degree robbery and hit and run. But prosecutors on Friday filed paperwork to dismiss the charges without prejudice because they now believe she was not present during the incident.

“Law enforcement did some further investigation and they realized that (Nanez) was not implicated nearly as much as they thought she was,” said her attorney, Derek J. Reid.

In the dismissal document, prosecutors noted that Nanez may have been a victim of the group in the days leading to the robbery.

Reid said Nanez is grateful that investigators realized she wasn’t involved in the robbery. She spent about a week in jail after her arrest in June before she was released on personal recognizance.

“It is somewhat of a cautionary tale in the sense that this is emblematic that you can be around the wrong people at the wrong time and get looped into significant allegations with significant consequences,” Reid said.

Convicted and sentenced in the robbery were Garrett Riel, 73 months in prison; Zachary Sands, 63 months in prison; Kye Shelton, 63 months in prison; Becca Rosenberg, 17 months in prison; and Joseph Lacey, nine months in jail.

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