CHELAN — City Council on Tuesday approved Chelan’s Water System Plan, which includes trying to improve water-use efficiency.

Two main goals are in the plan:

Maintain distribution system leakage below 10 percent for the next six years.

Reduce average daily demand by 5 percent by Dec. 31, 2024.

Public Works Director Jake Youngren said the average daily water use is about 193 gallons per person, and the city’s average daily production last year was about 1.5 million gallons. Distribution system leakage had a three-year average of 8.9 percent, he said.

Youngren said the city’s water system has 2,322 connections, including houses, apartments, schools, commercial and municipal facilities.

The state Legislature in 2003 passed the Municipal Water Law requiring municipalities to use water efficiently. They must publicly establish goals, develop a program to support those goals, and annually evaluate and report progress toward the goals.