water flush guide

A water flushing guide released by the City of Wenatchee.

WENATCHEE — With some businesses shuttered for weeks during the COVID-19 “Stay Home, Stay Safe” restrictions, city officials are advising business owners preparing to reopen to flush out their water pipes.

The city’s water is safe to drink, but quality can go down if left stagnant in plumbing or in under-utilized buildings, according to a city news release. Stagnant water brings with it the potential for taste and odor issues, discoloration and bacteria growth.

How does one flush out pipes? City public works officials recommend a five-step process.

1. Disconnect any point-of-entry filters and aerators to faucets.

2. Turn all faucets on and let them run cold water for 20 minutes.

3. Flush appliances that use water, such as dishwashers and drinking water fountains.

4. Flush out toilets, spas and any other water features.

5. Increase water heater temperature to at least 140 degrees for 30 minutes. Once it is hot, drain the heater by turning on a nearby water tap as well as kitchen and bathroom water.

For information on flushing pipes, contact the Wenatchee Public Works office at 888-3235.

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