WENATCHEE — KC Help medical equipment is open again after being closed 15 weeks due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The service, operated through the Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Wenatchee, provides medical equipment at no charge to the community.

The equipment includes hospital beds, walkers, Hoyer lifts and more. KC Help Board Chairman Mike McGlone said they have been helping people during their closure.

“We had people reaching out to us, especially the caregivers and the therapists. We made arrangements for them to pick up on Thursday mornings. One of our guys was there to help,” McGlone said. “I would get calls and make arrangements to meet people over there. That is basically how we worked it during the closure.”

KC Help started in 1998. Private individuals and organizations donate durable medical equipment for KC Help to distribute.

McGlone said they have gone through a process to deep clean all the equipment.

“Since we’ve opened up, we’ve sprayed the equipment. If there was any virus, it was taken away. Now, we washed the equipment outside. We’ve sprayed it with this stuff they use to clean the shop. Once we spray it, we put in back into the shop to be reused,” McGlone said.

KC Help is located behind the rectory on the St. Joseph Catholic Church campus, 625 S. Elliott Ave. in Wenatchee. The service is open Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Right now, it offers curbside service. There is no pickup and delivery.

“They come in and park in the parking lot. One of our volunteers goes out to the car to ask them what they need. We go inside and get the equipment and bring it to their car. They sign the sheet that says they have received it,” McGlone said.

Donations are still accepted. McGlone said to look for the drop-off sign at the property. Since they have reopened, things have been slow.

McGlone said he thinks many people don’t know KC Help has reopened. He said they are bursting at the seams with equipment. Things will likely pick up once word gets out, he said.

“Just be patient. This is all new to us. If we get a bunch of cars at one time, just be patient. We’ll get to you,” he said.