EAST WENATCHEE — The Chelan-Douglas Health District says a second man in his 40s died from COVID-19 in Chelan County.

The man died from COVID-19 on July 30, but the health district did not receive results back from the lab, because there was no address attached to that test, Veronica Farias, a healthcare district spokesperson, said Wednesday. The state's database did not know where to attach that result without a proper address, she said. 

The health district announcement on Tuesday came a day after Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris said he determined in July that a 41-year-old Malaga man died of COVID-19.

Harris reached out to a reporter after reading a report on the Health District on Friday announcing the first death from COVID-19 of a man under 50 years of age in Chelan County.

Harris said all signs pointed to the fact the man, from Malaga, died from COVID-19 on July 30. Harris took a nasal swab and had it tested by the hospital. The test came back positive the following day for COVID-19, he said.

“I communicated with the epidemiologist several times regarding this death,” Harris said. “She indicated she knew of this case and they didn’t even ask for his name or date of birth.”

Harris said he was concerned about the accuracy of the health district's data based on this situation.

"I have always been wary of accurate information being collected and disseminated," he said. "This causes me greater concern about data accuracy."

This death makes the count 17 deaths from COVID-19 in Chelan County and seven in Douglas County, according to a news release from the health district.

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