WENATCHEE — School districts across the state are putting together “continuous learning plans,” which must be submitted to the state superintendent’s office by May 29.

North Central Educational Service District Superintendent Michelle Price said plans will identify how districts are reaching all students while schools are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and what they are doing to track the data.

The Wenatchee School District’s plan will be presented at Tuesday’s meeting.

The plans in each district will look different, she said, which has been true of the entire shift to remote learning prompted by the COVID crisis.

“We have the gamut in our region with digital learning, instructional packets that go back and forth between home and school either by mail or with meal deliveries. Phone calls, email, home visits are being used to connect with kids and their families,” she said.

All the districts seem to be dealing with similar challenges with participation including student choice, parent choice, lack of interest or an environment that does not allow for learning to take place. Student engagement also varies by age group and the ability of the adults at home to support the child.

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