EAST WENATCHEE — The Chelan-Douglas Health District announced Friday the arrival of a team of epidemiologists from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The team has been in Chelan and Douglas counties since early September. The team came with a goal to look specifically at the risk factors for COVID-19 in the Latino community, Dr. Peter Houck, an epidemiologist working for the health district, said during a panel discussion on Sept. 9.

During a Chelan-Douglas Board of Health meeting last week, Dr. Edgar Monterroso introduced himself and several members of his team. Monterroso has worked at the CDC for 29 years, he said, and returned from a deployment in Africa this May.

Monterroso said as part of the CDC team’s efforts, they are conducting a Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER) survey. A CASPER survey is a method to get a reliable interview sample from a community.

They plan to interview 200 specific people who tested positive for COVID-19 to try and figure out where they contracted the disease, he said. The epidemiologists will also conduct focus groups to see how effective messaging about COVID-19 has been in the community.

They hope to issue a report on their findings by Friday, Monterroso said.

The epidemiologists interviewed people starting Friday through Monday, according to a Chelan-Douglas Health District news release on Friday.

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