WENATCHEE — The mass vaccination center at Town Toyota Center gave 1,600 people COVID-19 shots last week and plans to do another 3,200 this week.

The site will vaccinate 800 people a day from Tuesday through Friday. Last week it was 400 people a day, the Chelan-Douglas Health District said in a news release.

According to the district:

  • Those with appointments received a text or email confirmation.
  • If you didn’t get an email or text message you don’t have an appointment.
  • Health workers will email those on a vaccination waitlist to schedule an appointment.
  • Don’t show up at Town Toyota Center without an appointment.
  • People who were vaccinated at Town Toyota Center should return to the center at the same time as their first shot three weeks earlier.
  • All appointments for this week have been filled.
  • Appointments for next week will start at noon Sunday. Go to
  • to make an appointment or call 1-800-525-0127.

Those who are technologically challenged should contact their provider to inquire about getting vaccinated, said Luke Davies, Chelan-Douglas Health administrator during previous interviews.

The state is vaccinating individuals in Phase 1B Tier 1, which means everyone over age 65 and those over 50 in multi-generational housing is eligible.

People who do get vaccinated, though, should be aware of confusion over a $35 vaccine administration fee that should not be charged, said Clint Strand, Cascade Medical Center spokesperson.

Those who received notices should call their insurance companies and it will get cleared up, Strand said. Patients with vaccine providers at every clinic are experiencing this problem.