COVID-19 hospitalizations since winter 2020

COVID-19 hospitalizations reach 49 as of Sept. 7 at Central Washington Hospital, the highest total count during the pandemic. The previous record was set on Dec. 10 with 44 hospitalizations. Source: Confluence Health

WENATCHEE — Forty-nine people were hospitalized at Central Washington Hospital as of Tuesday due to COVID-19, a new all-time pandemic record.

Sept. 7 Confluence Health chart

Central Washington Hospital's COVID-19 hospitalization report as of Sept. 7.

The total count went up by six over the Labor Day weekend. Ten of the 49 patients were in the intensive care unit, according to the Confluence Health webpage.

The total count in the intensive care unit has not changed since Sept. 3, according to data collected by The World.

Hospitalization admissions across the state continue to rise, stressing the healthcare system to its very limits. 

Between Aug. 26 and Sept. 1, 1,436 people were admitted to hospitals statewide due to COVID-19, according to data from the state Department of Health. A month ago, between July 26 to Aug. 1, 670 people were admitted to hospitals across the state due to COVID-19.  

Central Washington Hospital has been able to manage its total hospital patient count after deciding to postpone elective procedures that required a bed, but staffing remains critically low, said Andrew Canning, Confluence Health spokesperson, on Friday.

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