EAST WENATCHEE — A man is said to have shoplifted. An officer responds. The man, now a suspect, arms himself with baseball-sized rock. The officer holsters his Taser and draws a firearm. The suspect puts down the rock and flees. The officer pursues and arrests the man without harm.

QUINCY — A 30-year-old Quincy man accused of killing another Quincy resident and keeping the body in his bedroom for several days reportedly told a witness he shot Abel Vargas in self-defense.

WENATCHEE — After one man died of overdose and a law enforcement officer was hospitalized from exposure last week, authorities are warning of the dangers of Fentanyl disguised as a prescription pill.

MANSFIELD — A 65-year-old Mansfield man is accused of using a gun and handcuffs to rape a woman in Douglas County.

WENATCHEE — Little Red’s Espresso & Bakery hung a Pride flag at a table in its courtyard on Sunday evening in support of the first Wenatchee Pride & NCW BLM Action Council march.

Updated, 4:30 p.m. Thursday: WENATCHEE — A 25-year-old Wenatchee man suspected of stabbing a westside man was arrested Thursday morning following a long standoff with SWAT.

EAST WENATCHEE — A Wenatchee Valley couple was arrested Monday in connection to a suspected road rage incident outside a Pizza Hut that left one man with broken legs.

SEATTLE — InvestigativeWest, a non-profit journalism watchdog group out of Seattle, announced Friday that they had won first place in the Crime and Justice category in the annual Society of Professional Journalists Northwest Excellence in Journalism competition.