WENATCHEE — Two shots were fired Friday night in a Wenatchee neighborhood and police are searching for suspects.

About 8:30 p.m., authorities received multiple reports of a fight on the 500 block of South Franklin Street, followed by a report of shots fired, according to Capt. Edgar Reinfeld with Wenatchee Police.

Police believe the fight involved five males in their late-teens to mid-20s. Early reports indicate that at some point in the fight one of the suspects pulled a gun and fired two shots into the air, Reinfeld said.

The suspects fled the scene. Police believe they’ve contacted two involved, but haven't made any arrests.

There were multiple eyewitnesses, but none recognized any of the suspects, Reinfeld said. Police found two shell casings at the scene. A firearm hasn’t been recovered.

No one was injured and it appears no property was damaged, he said. 

“Shootings are difficult (to solve) even when you find physical evidence,” Reinfeld said. He added, “I think it’s solvable, but I think it’s going to take a little bit.”

Anyone with information related to the shooting can call RiverCom Dispatch at 663-9911.