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East Wenatchee approves 2022 budget

EAST WENATCHEE — The East Wenatchee City Council approved a $29 million budget Tuesday night.

The final budget is up from the $28.2 preliminary budget the city released last month. The changes stem from $762,000 of additional expenditures in the general fund and an additional $39,000 in bonds.

The city is projecting to spend about $2.6 million more than it has budgeted in revenue, although the budget does note that the revenue estimates are conservative. Expenses are up 36% from 2021 and revenues, estimated to come in at $26 million, are up 14%.

City officials have said the increase in spending will cover a number of necessary projects, including $1 million to prepare a building on Simon Street for the police department to move into as well as the withdrawal of $5 million in bond proceeds that will be used to construct a new public works facility.

“We’ve had some deferred projects that we have been working on for quite some time,” Mayor Jerrilea Crawford said. “The budget is a little bit more aggressive than we typically do, but I think with those opportunities, we’re actually going to save in the long run so it makes sense to take advantage of those now.”

She added that the increase in revenue is a mixture of overall growth, grants and pandemic recovery money (the city has $1.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds, $500,000 of which it plans to give to otherentities).

The general fund is the city’s primary operating fund and, taking away capital projects, accounts for 75% of the city’s spending.

Law enforcement makes up the largest portion of general fund expenses at 39% followed by general government expenses at 25%. Other functions, like jail services, municipal court, IT and public works, each account for 2-5% of the fund’s expenses.

Significant changes to the general fund include:

  • $80,000 increase in revenue for a revised contract with Waste Management
  • $73,000 increase in Public Works fleet rental costs
  • $62,000 increase in revenue for a School Resource Officer
  • $24,000 increase in revenue for Simon Street rental to the Drug Task Force
  • $22,603 increase to Chelan County for jail services
  • $20,000 increase to Douglas County Solid Waste for homeless camp clean-up
  • $19,450 increase for Cleargov budget software
  • $15,000 increase to participate in a

Major changes to the city’s other funds include:

  • $300,000 increase to the estimated first principal payment on the 2021 $10 million limited tax general obligation bond
  • One more maintenance worker if a
  • with the county is completed
  • $349,000 increase in revenues and expenses for financial support to the Hamilton Street project and other items
  • $126,000 increase for anticipated street overlay projects
  • $91,000 increase to replace Public Works vehicles
  • $45,000 increase for homeless shelter assistance using revenue from the Affordable Housing Sales Tax
  • $12,000 increase to contract out the maintenance of the Japanese garden

Residents can learn more about the budget using Cleargov (, which allows users to explore specific parts of the budget using charts and graphs.

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