EAST WENATCHEE — The City of East Wenatchee is still investigating a sinkhole that shut down part of Grant Road earlier this summer.

The sinkhole, located by the entrance to Hobby Lobby, closed down traffic for about a week. Following a report of the sinkhole, the city discovered a 230-foot section of galvanized metal storm line had corroded and needed immediate replacement. The city footed a $142,000 bill for the repairs.

The city has not found any other significant signs of corrosion during preliminary inspections of nearby storm lines with a push camera. However, the infrastructure is at an age that warrants a more comprehensive inspection, according to the city’s July Public Works Department report.

East Wenatchee will partner with the Douglas County Sewer District to inspect sewer and stormwater lines from the Highway 28 bypass to at least N. Georgia Avenue. The municipalities are currently drafting an interlocal agreement for the partnership in which Douglas County Sewer District will use its pipeline inspection camera and East Wenatchee will provide traffic control.

The city expects the sewer and stormwater lines are in acceptable condition but will likely need maintenance soon to meaningfully extend their useful lives, states the Public Works Department report.