NCW — The list of who will appear on the fall ballot is now set.

People signed up to run for office last week, and the Secretary of State’s Office certified the list of filings this week. The primary is Aug. 4, and the general election is Nov. 3.

A few candidates have withdrawn, including Dr. Ann Diamond, who was running for state representative. Diamond said she enjoyed meeting with people while campaigning.

“With COVID-19, I’m having to run a digital campaign all on social media and that leaves me cold,” she said. “It’s a difficult way to run a campaign, particularly as an independent when I have to reach both people who think of themselves as Democrats, people who think of themselves as Libertarians, people who think of themselves as Republicans.”

She said she will continue working as a family physician and advocating for health care reform.

Here is a list of candidates who filed for some of the races in the state and North Central Washington.

Chelan County

County Commission

District 1: Kevin Overbay

District 3: Brandt Cappell, Dale England, Tiffany Gering

PUD Commission

District 1: Garry Arseneault

District A: Steve McKenna

Superior Court

Position 1: Lesley A. Allan

Position 2: Travis Brandt

Position 3: Kristin Ferrera

Douglas County

County Commission

District 1: Dan Sutton

District 2: Kyle Steinburg

PUD Commission

District 2: Molly Simpson

Superior Court

Brian C. Huber

Grant County

County Commission

District 1: Earl Romig, Danny Stone, Mark S. Wanke

District 2: Rob Jones, Tom Taylor

PUD Commission

District 3: Larry Schaapman

District A: Tom Flint

Superior Court

Position 1: David Estudillo

Position 2: John D. Knodell, Kevin J. McCrae

Position 3: John Antosz

Okanogan County

County Commission

District 1: Shauna Beeman, Chris Branch

District 2: Katie Haven, Andy Hover

PUD Commission

District 1: Scott Vejraska

Superior Court

Position 1: Henry “Hank” Rawson

Position 2: Chris Culp


Legislative District 12

Senator: Brad Hawkins

Representative (Position 1): Keith Goehner, Adrianne Moore

Representative (Position 2): Mike Steele

Legislative District 13

Representative (Position 1): Tom Dent, John Malan, Eduardo Castañeda-Díaz

Representative (Position 2): Alex Ybarra

Legislative District 7

Representative (Position 1): Georgia D. Davenport, Jacquelin Maycumber

Representative (Position 2): Joel Kretz, JJ Wandler


Thor Amundson, David W. Blomstrom, Craig Campbell, Richard L. Carpenter, Loren Culp, Cairo D’Almeida, Henry Clay Dennison, Tim Eyman, Phil Fortunato, Joshua Freed, Raul Garcia, Omari Tahir Garrett, Ian Gonzales, Elaina J. Gonzalez, Goodspaceguy, Tylor Grow, Liz Hallock, Gene Hart, Nate Herzog, Bill Hirt, Jay Inslee, Leon Aaron Lawson, William “Bill” Miller, Matthew Murray, Dylan B. Nails, Cregan M. Newhouse, Don L. Rivers, Ryan Ryals, Anton Sakharov, Alex Tsimerman, Cameron M. Vessey, David Voltz, Brian R. Weed, Martin L. “Iceman” Wheeler, Winston Wilkes, Joshua Wolf

Lieutenant governor

Joseph Brumbles, Jared Frerichs, Denny Heck, Michelle Jasmer, Marko Liias, Marty McClendon, Richard “Dick” Muri, Bill Penor, James R. Rafferty, Ann Davison Sattler, Matt Seymour

Attorney general

Bob Ferguson, Matt Larkin, Brett Rogers, Mike Vaska

Commissioner of public lands

Maryam Abasbarzy, Hilary Franz, Sue Kuehl Pederson, Kelsey Reyes, Steve Sharon, Frank Wallbrown, Cameron Whitney

Secretary of state

Gentry Lange, Ed Minger, Gael Tarleton, Kim Wyman


Duane A. Davidson, Mike Pellicciotti


Joshua Casey, Chris Leyba, Pat (Patrice) McCarthy

Superintendent of public instruction

Maia Espinoza, Ron Higgins, Stan Lippmann, Chris Reykdal, David Spring, Dennis Wick

Insurance commissioner

Mike Kreidler, Chirayu Avinash Patel, Anthony Welti


District 8

Keith Arnold, Corey Bailey, Ryan Dean Burkett, Jesse Jensen, James Mitchell, Dave Saulibio, Kim Schrier, Keith R. Swank

District 4

Ryan Cooper, Evan Jones, Douglas E. McKinley, Dan Newhouse, Sarena Sloot, Tracy “Justice” Wright


Court of Appeals, Division 3, District 3

Rebecca Pennell

Court of Appeals, Division 3, District 1

Marshall Casey, Tracy Arlene Staab

Supreme Court

Position 3: David Larson, Raquel Montoya-Lewis

Position 4: Charles W. Johnson

Position 6: Richard S. Serns, G. Helen Whitener

Position 7: Debra L. Stephens

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