LEAVENWORTH — Jason Lundgren is running for reelection to the Leavenworth City Council so he can focus on waste reduction, wildfire preparedness and recreation opportunities.

Lundgren currently occupies the city council position 1 and is running against Lynn Watson.

Watson did not respond to calls for an interview.

Lundgren was appointed by the Leavenworth city council to fill the position vacated by Gretchen Wearne in 2018.

“I think we all want what is best for the city and we all try to be that sounding board for the community,” Lundgren said. “I do my best to listen to what people’s priorities are and advocate for those.”

One of the bigger issues that Lundgren is passionate about is sustainability, he said. The city is working with a non-profit to evaluate the city’s waste to see if there are ways to reduce and reuse.

“We all have our different strengths and our different areas of focus (on the council),” he said. “And some of the things that I am really excited about are reducing our waste downtown and closing some of those waste loops.”

Another area of priority for him is wildfire preparedness, Lundgren said. Residents can, of course, firewise their homes and properties, but the city needs to take steps to require more fire resistant materials and make other code changes.

“I feel like the city has made a lot of progress to make sure when fire comes knocking on our door we’re more prepared for that and hopefully preparing for the recovery,” he said.

He also is working with city officials at finding recreation opportunities, Lundgren said. The city is looking at the old Osborn Elementary School as potential community or recreation center.

“So we have found some money through the parks and recreation service area matched by the city to do a community recreation needs assessment,” he said. “To decide if the city wants a community or recreation center and what that looks like and how to pay for it.”

Lundgren said he realizes there are other issues more important in the city right now such as affordable housing and parking, but each council member has their areas of expertise.

“I would say between waste reduction, fire recovery and resiliency. I would say those are three areas that I have been more deeply involved,” he said. “As a council we kind of divide and conquer.”

Correction: All quotes are from Jason Lundgren, Lynn Watson did not respond to phone calls for an interview. 

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