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Hello all, I’m Greta Forslund and I am the new digital intern at The Wenatchee World. I will be focusing on NABUR, writing features on NABUR members and writing newsletters.

I'm an incoming junior studying journalism at Arizona State University, and I'm originally from Thurston County. Anything I should know as a newcomer to the area? Places I should check out? Please let me know any time! I'm looking forward to chatting with people, and you can read more about me here.

Last week we asked NABUR members what they thought of the state's announcement that the economy will fully reopen June 30, or sooner if we reach 70% initiating vaccination. Here's what people thought:

NABUR vaccine poll

When we asked NABUR members if they thought the state would reach 70% vaccination and fully reopen before June 30, 65% said no.

NABUR member Elly Fox, who voted yes, commented “I think we've done a great job, especially locally, getting people vaccinated ... Those refusing seem to be a vocal minority and so I think we'll have little problems getting back to normal despite them. Fingers crossed!”

Has the trajectory of the state's reopening affected your life and economic habits? What does a full reopening mean for you? Join the conversation here.

Housing solutions

Today, members added to an ongoing conversation on NABUR about housing issues and solutions in the area. Main topics of discussion are short-term rentals, limited affordable housing options and the Growth Management Act.

NABUR member Sue Kane said the GMA has an important purpose and should not be eliminated. "It ensures that we humans don't entirely devastate the natural world ... We often forget that we share this planet with other creatures; and from what I can gather, we are not very good neighbors!"

Randy Agnew, another NABUR member and mayor of Rock Island, said the GMA should be eliminated, and that it "greatly restricts where homes can be built and artificially drives up the price of land in the limited areas where neighborhoods can be built."

What changes and solutions would you like to see in local housing? What do you want to know more about? Read more comments from NABUR members and let us know what you think.

Help us grow NABUR

What do you like about using NABUR? What would you like to see added or improved? You can help us understand the kind of conversations the community wants to have by filling out this short survey. It will only take a few minutes to complete and participants will be entered into a drawing for one of three $100 gift cards. Fill it out here.

Other discussions

Amber CM Bitle commented “As a vaccinated person I still wear a mask and/or distance myself when around strangers because I do not know whether they are or not and I have a child who is too young to be vaccinated. Majority of my friends and family are vaccinated and I am far more relaxed around them. It's not just about me, I am cautious to protect others. We're in this together.” See the post and discussion here.

Carl Elleard posted “Wenatchee and area residents have some real gems at our disposal; areas along Icicle Road, the Horse Lake trail system, a new dog park and skate park, Pybus Market and the summer market and of course, the ten mile Riverside trail loop and Walla Walla sports complex.

My question is why so many people seem fine to trash these areas with litter and uncollected dog waste and, more importantly, what can be done about it.

I made my choice. I could either ignore the mess, be angry or take action, so every Monday I take a piece of the trail along the Wenatchee side and collect trash. It is interesting to characterize the trash collected but one thing for sure, as soon as an area is cleaned, people begin to litter more.”

Would you be interested in participating in a NABUR community cleanup of local trails and parks? Share your thoughts here.