This is the third of a three-part series on local elections.

WENATCHEE — A Wenatchee World analysis found the majority of local elections have gone uncontested in the past decade.

The Wenatchee World asked NABUR members, Instagram and Facebook followers whether they had ever considered running for local public office and why.

In polls on NABUR, Instagram and Facebook, the percentages of respondents who said they had considered running for local office were 29%, 25% and 19% respectively. We asked people to elaborate on their answers to the polls. A series of their responses are below, lightly edited for style and clarity.

“I don’t know much about running for a political position, but I love coming up with ideas”

— Sarah V.

“I would like to run one day”

— Mathias J.

“I have not, I would like to”

— Aaron K.

“If time wasn’t an issue I would consider it”

— Adam V.

“I have thought about it. Many people run unopposed, and they don’t reflect my values.”

— Katie B.

“I decided to run for my local school board this year & am currently campaigning :)”

— Arlette L.

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