WENATCHEE — Wenatchee-area home sales are down 8% overall this year compared to 2018, but they saw a 24% uptick in the month of July.

That’s according to a July housing Snapshot from Pacific Appraisal Associates  released Thursday.

The Wenatchee area, which includes East Wenatchee, Orondo, Rock Island and Malaga, had 107 home sales last month. There were 86 in July 2018.

The area’s building permits are also up this year from 2018. There have been 174 single-family permits issued in 2019, compared to 153 in 2018. For apartments, 204 permits have been issued compared to 144 last year.

But the median sales price for a single-family house in the Wenatchee area remains high: $343,450 for year-to-date 2019. That’s 6% up from July 2018.

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