Reporter Tony Buhr spent eight months interviewing county officials and discussing the problems at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center. He also toured the jail twice, once in October, 2018 and again in May, 2019. These three articles are the result of that effort.

He found that over the past 35 years the jail has been operating, it has become dilapidated with few updates, despite advances in technology. Past jail administration also failed to notify the Chelan County Commission about growing safety concerns at the jail.

The series is broken into three parts:

The first is a tour inside of the jail to highlight the problems correctional officers face and the condition of the jail for inmates.

The second part illustrates how the jail got to the condition it is in and points to a history of neglect.

Also included is a sidebar, which highlights that Washington state does not have required standards for its jails. Unlike Oregon, which has detailed laws for jail conditions.

The third part explains the next steps discussed by the Chelan County Commission.

WENATCHEE — The Chelan County Commission wants to look into the cost of maintaining the jail before it considers replacing it.

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