WENATCHEE — Chelan County officials are continuing to investigate the flooding on Boodry Street.

The county will be sitting down with the company that owns Squilchuck Creek Community next week, said Dave Kuhl, Chelan County Community Development director.

The county plans to ask the mobile park owners to do a geologic and hydrologic analysis of the park to improve safety. The owners of the park are Hurst and Sons LLC.

When asked for comment in an email, Caleb Romack, a member and manager of Hurst and Son LLC, said the company would be in touch.

The park has changed ownership in recent years, said Angel Hallman, Chelan County code enforcement manager. It was constructed in 1997 and the name on the original application is Gary Rutherford.

The park has been on the county’s radar in the past, though, Hallman said. It conducted code enforcement action in the park in 2009 and 2010, because mobile homes were being built without permits.

The county did not know there was a danger of landslides or flash floods at that time, though, she said.

Of the three homes damaged in the Aug. 10 flood, all three appear to have been permitted in 2007, according to Chelan County documents.

Only one of the three buildings permitted received a letter from the county in 2009 saying it was out of compliance, because it had not received a final inspection for its building permit.

Today, when community development planners approve a conditional use permit for a development, like a mobile home park, they are supposed to look at potential hazards, Hallman said. But it is unclear what the laws were like in 1997 and whether potential hazards were required to be looked at.

The Chelan County Community Development Department is looking for the conditional use permit for the park to shed some light on the laws at that time, she said.

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