NCW — Candidate filing started Monday and runs through Friday for the fall election.

The primary is Aug. 6, and the general election is Nov. 5.

Statewide, over 3,400 offices are up for election this year. Local races range from mayors and city councils to port commissions and school boards.

Here is a running list of candidates who have filed for some of the races in the Wenatchee Valley and surrounding area.


Representative, District 13, Position 2

  • Steve Verhey
  • Alex Ybarra


Port Commission

  • Donn Etherington


  • City Council: Christopher Carlson (Position 2), Jayne Stephenson (Position 4), Derrick Pratt (Position 5)
  • Mayor: Larry Bruehl, Jim Fletcher
  • School Board: Tom Christensen (District 1), Ted Snodgrass (District 2), Nick Wood (District 3)


  • Bear Mountain Water District: Jim Batdorf (Commissioner 1), Dale Watkins (Commissioner 2)
  • Chelan County Fire District No. 7: William Bassett and Karyl Oules (both for Commissioner 2)
  • Chelan County Hospital District No. 2: Fred Miller (Commissioner 3), Jordana LaPorte (Commissioner 4)
  • City Council: Jon Higgins and John Olson (both for Position 1), Ray Dobbs (Position 3), Peter Jamtgaard (Position 4), Servando Robledo (Position 5) *Note: Shane Collins withdrew his candidacy for Position 4.
  • Mayor: Mike Cooney, Bob Goedde, Stan Morse
  • School Board: Agustin Benegas (District 2), Andrew Baker and Kimberly Thorpe (both for District 4), Jeff Fehr (District 5)


  • Chelan County Fire District No. 8: LeRoy Gifford
  • City Council: Paul Moore (Position 1), Richard Crump and Kelly Krueger (both for Position 2), David Swearingen (Position 4), Yuliya Manad and Jackie Shelton (both for Position 5) *Note: Bob Anderson and May Segle withdrew their candidacy for Position 5.
  • Mayor: John Alt II, Michael Buckingham, Sarah Tulla-Marie Stenberg
  • School Board: Viky Quezada (District 1), Nicole Poyner (District 3), Tamara Giacomazzi (District 4), Monica Quezada (District 5)


  • Cascade School Board: Marco Aurilio and Judy Derpack (both for District 2), Cynthia Garza (District 4)
  • Chelan County Fire District No. 3: Thomas Stanton
  • Chelan County Fire District No. 9: William Gibbs
  • Chelan County Hospital District No. 1: Mary Helen Mayhew (Commissioner 1), Helen Rayfield (Commissioner 4)
  • City Council: Jason Lundgren and Lynn Watson (both for Position 1), Craig Hess (Position 2), Anne Hessburg (Position 3), Mia Bretz and Zeke Reister (both for Position 7) *Note: Zeke Reister was previously running for Position 2.
  • Mayor: Scott Bradshaw, Carl Florea


  • Malaga Water District: Herb Gardner and Thomas McDonald (Commissioner 1), Aaron Gale (Commissioner 2), Mina Gomez and Dan McDonald (both for Commissioner 4)
  • Three Lakes Water District: Gregory Kardos


  • Chelan County Fire District No. 5: Dan Baker
  • Parks and Recreation District: David Sneesby (Commissioner 2), Randall Reed and Kurt Sixel (both for Commissioner 4), Rob Campbell (Commissioner 5)
  • School Board: Robin Bloch (District 1), Aurora Flores (District 2), Stellan Guy Giffin and Patrick Wayne Machus (both for District 3)


  • Chelan County Fire District No. 6: Bob Wildfang


  • Water District: Lauri Malmquist, Ronald Pflugrath and Shane Sandberg (all for Commissioner 3)


  • School Board: Reed Courtney (Position 1), Rene Courtney (Position 2), John Wilsey (Position 3), Nick Davis (Position 5)


  • Chelan County Fire District No. 1: Jeremy Fenno and Gordon Zimmerman (both for Commissioner 1), Cam de Mestre (Commissioner 2)
  • City Council: Jose Cuevas and Roberto Vargas-Mata (both for District 1), Travis Hornby and Melanie Wachholder (both for District 4), Mark Kulaas (District 5), Jorge Chacón, Linda Herald and Lyle Markhart (all for District A)
  • Mayor: Frank Kuntz
  • School Board: Laura Jaecks and Meliesa Tigard (both for Position 1), Tim Larson and Karina Vega-Villa (both for Position 2), Martin Barron and Sunny Hemphill (both for Position 3)


Superior Court

  • Brian Huber

Port Commission

  • Jim Huffman


  • School Board: Peggy Rice (District 1), Hector Aparicio (District 2), Maria Maldonado (District 3), Donald Becker (District 4)


  • City Council: Anthony Jenkins (Position 2), Qristian Solorio (Position 4), Sergio Orozco (Position 5)
  • Mayor: Janet Conklin, Zeke Martinez, Matthew Schuh
  • School Board: Bennie Polvos (District 1), Matt West (District 3), Wayne van Zwoll (District 4) *Note: Matt West was previously running for District 1.

East Wenatchee

  • City Council: John Sterk (Position 1), Harry Raab (Position 2), Shayne Magdoff (Position 5), Christine Johnson and Marl Kane (Position 6)
  • Douglas County Fire District No. 2: Bob Black and Dave Fennell (both for Commissioner 3)
  • Douglas County Sewer District No. 1: Steve Lacy, Greg Peterson (both for Commissioner 2)
  • Eastmont Metro Parks and Recreation: Deb Miller (Commissioner 1), Marc Marquis (Commissioner 2)
  • Eastmont School Board: Sasha Sleiman and Cindy Wright (both for District 1), Nathan Medeiros and Whitney Smith (both for District 2), Lyle McClune, Peter Smith and Meaghan Vibbert (all for District 5)
  • Mayor: Jerrilea Crawford, Tim Detering
  • Water District: Terry Barnes and Jeff Johnson (both for Commissioner 3)


  • Douglas County Fire District No. 5: Douglas Tanneberg (Commissioner 1), Norman Tupling (Commissioner 2)
  • Mayor: Thomas Snell
  • School Board: Justin Bowen, Luke Hall and Jesse Shafer (all for District 3), Julie Caille and Dusty Wittig (both for District 4)
  • Town Council: Clint Wall (Position 1), Betty Wilsey (Position 3)


  • Douglas County Fire District No. 4: David Marden and Greg Nellist (both for Commissioner 2)
  • School Board: Tim Meyers (Position 3), Hannah Poush (Position 4), Jennifer Foreman (Position 5)


  • School Board: Jami Sachs (District 2), Molly Linville (District 3), Jeromy Riggs (District 4), Dean Pearson (District 5)

Rock Island

  • City Council: Tara Whaley (Position 1), Carmen Andonaegui (Position 5)
  • Mayor: Randy Agnew


  • Douglas County Fire District No. 1: Clark Bromiley (Commissioner 1), Gary Mullendore (Commissioner 3)
  • Douglas County Hospital District No. 2: Tyler Greenwood (Commissioner 1), Katie Shafer (Commissioner 3)
  • Mayor: Charles Driver, JD Greening, Loyd Smith, Jill Thompson
  • School Board: Stephanie Stibal (District 2), Misty Viebrock (District 3), Zach Gormley (District 5)
  • Town Council: Michael Davies (Position 1), Joanne Fragner and Cody Preugschat (both for Position 3), Jammie Peterson (Position 4), Joyce Huber (Position 5)



  • City Council: Josey Ferguson (Position 1), Thomas Lee Harris (Position 3), Sonia Padron (Position 6), Dylan Kling (for Position 7) *Note: Mike McKee withdrew his candidacy for the Position 7 race.
  • School Board: Chris Baumgartner (Position 2), Susan Lybbert (Position 3), Jack Foglesong and Enrique "Harry" Hernandez (both for Position 4)