A crew works Tuesday on what will become a picnic table shelter at Hale Park in Wenatchee near the Pipeline Pedestrian Bridge Tuesday. The Wenatchee City Council approved a contract to spend over $600,000 on park improvements that should be finished this fall.

Compost made with livestock manure is an excellent soil amendment for vegetable gardens. Compost improves soil structure, provides nutrients and helps optimize soil pH. However, gardeners should be aware that cow and horse manure sometimes contains residues that can damage certain plants.

NCW — Health officials are seeking volunteers for random COVID-19 testing to determine the prevalence of the coronavirus in Chelan and Douglas counties.

Environment, county and health reporter

OLYMPIA — Thirty-six Washington gubernatorial candidates will be on the Aug. 4 ballot — over three times as many in the 2016 governor’s race.

Larry Gleave Jr., Spokane, tries to set a rope around the legs of a steer during the first day of the Appleatchee 4th of July Weekend Roping competition Friday. The annual event has been bringing riders to the Wenatchee Valley for over 70 years. 

WENATCHEE — Chelan-Douglas Health Officer Dr. Malcolm Butler said Thursday that there are more people with COVID-19 on ventilators at Central Washington Hospital than ever before.

Environment, county and health reporter

NCW — While Pacific Appraisal Associate's Real Estate Snapshot report — released mid-June — revealed that the number of year-over-year home sales were down 33% across the Wenatchee Valley in May, that wasn’t necessarily representative of every real estate agency in the region.