This rendering of the "Riverfront Village Apartments" was included with plans filed in January with the city of Wenatchee. The plans call for 455 apartment units across five buildings. 

WENATCHEE — A 455-unit apartment complex has been proposed for the northern Lineage Logistics property, along Riverfront Park at the base of Fifth Street in Wenatchee.

If approved and completed, it would be the largest single apartment complex in Wenatchee — the size of Riverside 9 and 600 Riverside combined.

Charles Morgan & Associates, an Everett-based architectural firm, filed a pre-application form for the $65 million project with the city Wednesday. The firm is scheduled to meet with city officials on Jan. 30 to discuss it, according to city records.

The developer is Redmond commercial real estate company AnandaCom LLC. CEO Winston Lee confirmed Friday they’re proposing the project, but said he couldn’t provide more information.

According to the form filed with the city of Wenatchee, the “Riverfront Village Apartments” will be five buildings, each five stories, on 7.83 acres. There will also be a recreation building with a pool, according to renderings filed with the form.

Lineage Logistics’ warehouses on the property would be demolished to make way for the complex, according to the form.

Lineage first listed this “northern campus” for sale, along with a southern campus, for a total of $13.6 million in spring 2019.

The Port of Chelan County purchased the southern campus, located along Columbia Street near the cross of Orondo Avenue, for $4.5 million in November. It plans to divide up the parcels and sell them back to private developers.

The city of Wenatchee had considered purchasing the northern campus to do the same. But Mayor Frank Kuntz said Friday that having a company take over the redevelopment is a better alternative.

“That’s exactly what we sort of envisioned for that property if the city had gotten involved in it, so the fact that you have a private developer willing to step in and do it without the city’s involvement is wonderful,” he said. “We’re super excited.”

The proposal is the latest and the largest in a series of apartment projects stretching back to 2014, when Weidner Apartment Homes first opened the 314-unit Riverside 9. Its sister project, the 142-unit 600 Riverside, opened in phases last year.

The company is also bringing a 180-unit complex to the corner of Mission and Kittitas streets in downtown Wenatchee. A 200-unit project from Weidner is under construction in Leavenworth.

There’s also the Maryhill Plaza Apartments — 96 units across eight buildings — that are under construction off Grant Road in East Wenatchee.

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