Roundabout art example 2

A concept design example for the fruit tree sculpture that will be installed at the new roundabout project on Easy Street and Highway 2/97.

WENATCHEE — The art at the roundabout project in Olds Station is now expected to look more like a fruit tree instead of a totem pole, as previously selected.

“The concept that was chosen was always going to be refined and reviewed again with community input,” said Wenatchee Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department Director, David Erikson in an interview.

Design schematic

Design schematic of the art display that will be installed at the roundabout of Easy Street and Highway 2/97.

Roundabout art example 1

"Tree of seasons" in Richland, Washington, is an example concept design of what the art display at the roundabout could look like from a previous sculpture by artist CJ Rench.

Gabriel Garcia: (509) 661-5210

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