EAST WENATCHEE — Cashmere Valley Bank has set up a benefit bank account for Neta Noyd, the East Wenatchee woman on a fixed income facing a severe rent hike.

People interested in donating to the account can visit any Cashmere Valley Bank location and request that funds be deposited to the “Neta Noyd Benefit Account,” said Delia Oyos, an assistant supervisor for the bank’s East Wenatchee branch.

The Wenatchee World reported on Noyd’s situation on Tuesday. At 88 years old, she’s facing a 63% rent hike for her East Wenatchee apartment.

After the story published, dozens of readers reached out looking to help.

Michael Howe, co-owner of the Man Shop barbershop in Wenatchee, offered to pay for part of Noyd’s new rent for six months while she looks for a new place. They’re working out the details now, he said Thursday.

Robert Sealby, another reader, met with Noyd on Thursday and arranged to pay her cable bill next month, he said.

An anonymous $500 donation for Noyd was also dropped off at the The World’s office on Thursday.

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