Cafe Rio makes its last tortilla

A sign posted in the main entry of Wenatchee's Cafe Rio, which closed Sunday evening.

WENATCHEE — Cafe Rio, the Mexican restaurant that touted its fresh ingredients and handmade tortillas, closed Sunday evening after three years in business.

Word of the store’s closure began spreading on social media Sunday night, and by Monday morning a company sign declaring the closure as permanent had been posted at the entrance. A phone call to the restaurant got a message that said it was closed for good.

No reasons for the closure were disclosed. The restaurant was a company-owned location.

“Of course it’s a disappointment,” said Bryan Noyd, owner of the Cafe Rio building at 1121 N. Mission St. The structure was extensively remodeled three years ago to accommodate Cafe Rio after housing an Arby’s restaurant for years.

“But in the Wenatchee Valley, the Mexican food category is a tough segment to compete in,” he added, noting the high number of restaurants that serve Latin food. In recent years, a number of Mexican restaurants in North Central Washington have shut their doors, including El Sol in North Wenatchee and three locations of Carlos 1800 in North Central Washington. 

Based in Utah, the fast-casual restaurant chain has more than 100 locations in 11 states. The Wenatchee location was the company’s first in Washington. Five locations remain in business in the state.