SEATTLE — A Chelan County deputy appears to have saved a man’s life after he got off a plane at Sea-Tac Airport.

Chief of Patrol Adam Musgrove last Wednesday flew from Pangborn Memorial Airport to Sea-Tac. As Musgrove was walking from the plane into the airport he heard a woman cry out, said Undersheriff Jason Mathew.

Musgrove turned around and saw a man who appeared to be a pilot on the ground and bleeding, said Mathew, who talked with Musgrove about the incident.

Musgrove checked for a pulse and determined the man needed CPR. He performed chest compressions for four to six minutes until an airline employee brought out an automated external defibrillator, or AED, Mathews said.

Musgrove connected the AED to the man and continued chest compressions until the AED was fully charged. Once it was ready, he delivered a shock to the man and restored a pulse, Mathews said.

Aid crews arrived shortly after and took the man away for medical treatment. The man’s medical condition was not immediately available, but Musgrove told Mathews he saw the man talking in an ambulance.

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