Chelan County redraws districts

Provided map/Chelan County Auditor New voting precincts for the city of Wenatchee will go into effect today.

WENATCHEE — Voters in the city of Wenatchee may be casting ballots in new precincts next election.

The Chelan County Commission approved new voting precincts Monday for the city of Wenatchee that will go into effect Wednesday.

The Chelan County Auditor’s Office redrew the city of Wenatchee’s precincts after the City Council decided Aug. 9 to adopt a system where five council members would be elected from the districts in which they live. Two would be elected citywide.

Four council positions are up for election this November and the other three positions will be decided in 2021.

Previously, all council members served at-large. In the next elections, council members will run in the districts they live in, or they can choose to run for an at-large position.

It is the responsibility of the county auditor to manage elections and precinct boundaries, according to state law.

None of the other voting districts in the county were changed as a part of this process, Chelan County Auditor Skip Moore said.

Redistricting for the county commissioners' districts will occur in 2022 after state lawmakers approve the results of the 2020 census.

Counties use precincts as the building blocks for designing elections, he said. Everyone with an individual precinct should receive exactly the same ballot and vote on the same issues.

Voting precincts cannot contain more than 1,500 people, according to state law. Chelan County’s precincts range from 1,400 to 1,500 people in size, Moore said.


World reporter Bridget Mire contributed to this report.