WENATCHEE — County commissioners in Chelan and Douglas counties have declared their opposition to a local income tax.

The resolutions come after a Washington court of appeals ruled in 2019 that cities and other municipalities have the authority to levy a flat 1% tax on income.

Chelan County commissioners signed a resolution last week opposing the tax, and Douglas County commissioners signed their own resolution on Tuesday.

Both Chelan and Douglas County resolutions regarding the income tax have sections with identical language. Both resolutions state that an income tax would be in direct conflict of promoting economic development.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our local, regional, state, and national economy and it is imperative that Chelan County not put unnecessary hurdles in the way of their success,” said the resolutions signed by Chelan and Douglas county commissioners.

“Imposing a local income tax may generate additional revenue in the short term, it would most likely result in less long-term revenue due to the dampening effect it would have on our businesses,” said the counties’ resolutions.

Chelan and Douglas counties are among several counties in the state — including neighboring Grant County — to speak out against a local income tax.

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