AZWELL — A Colville Tribes’ casino, golf course and concert venue, along with a 100-home development are being considered on a 640-acre property across Highway 97 from Azwell, between Chelan and Pateros.

The Colville Tribal Federal Corporation, which operates casinos in Manson, Omak and Coulee Dam, announced Aug. 6 it had completed a preliminary review of the site, known as MA-18, which boasts views of the Columbia River and easy access to Chelan and the rest of Okanogan County.

“MA-18 has all the features we are looking for when it comes to economic development,” CTFC CEO Kary Nichols stated in a press release. “After discussing with our architects, we are confident that MA-18 could be the home to our new flagship resort, attracting business and tourism from around the Northwest with our state-of-the-art casino, golf course and concert venue.”

The plans also include 100 lots for residential development.

“Housing is becoming increasingly scarce throughout the region and the country,” Nichols said. “MA-18 gives us the opportunity to provide affordable housing for many families while also giving them access to all the great amenities we have planned for MA-18.”

The property is owned almost entirely by the Colville Tribes, said Tony Posey, chief operating officer of Colville Gaming LLC, unlike the property in Manson that is “fractioned,” with many individuals and entities owning some portion of the property. The Manson property includes the Mill Bay Casino, Deepwater Amphitheater and the recently opened RV Park.

“Fractionated ownership and frivolous lawsuits have made it impossible for CTFC to utilize the Manson property to its fullest,” Posey said in a press release. “MA-18 is owned almost entirely by the Colville Tribes, giving us greater flexibility and giving the Tribes a larger share of the profits.”

Profits from CTFC’s enterprises fund the Colville Tribes’ governmental programs, including forest management and firefighting efforts.

“We look forward to the opportunity to bring more jobs, more housing, and more tourism to our community, and we look forward to welcoming everyone to our new resort,” he said.

The Colville Tribal Federal Corporation, headquartered in Omak, is a federally chartered corporation created to oversee the economic development efforts of the Colville Confederated Tribes. The company currently manages two enterprises — gaming and wood products. The corporation employs more than 500 people. Colville Gaming LLC is a tribally chartered limited liability company owned by CTFC which manages the Tribes’ casinos and their amenities, including restaurants and the hotel and spa in Omak.