EAST WENATCHEE — In Bonnie Grant’s backyard in East Wenatchee, tucked away in the nooks and crannies of a rock retaining wall, over 30 fairies live in houses, play on swings, ride bicycles and play all day. Well, in Bonnie’s heart and imagination anyhow.

When COVID-19 hit our area in March, Grant used her 31 years of experience as an office manager for the school counseling office as a reason to expand her small fairy garden. She calls it her “anti-virus garden,” and it’s grown 10 times bigger since then into a calm place her friends and neighbors come to visit.

“I’m all into good mental health,” she says. “Our nation is grieving — we’re suffering loss. If my fairy garden can give someone a good reason to come and hang out for a while, then it’s all worth it.”

Friends and family, including 10 grandchildren who visit from out of town, are allowed to move the figures from place to place. When they leave, she lets them take a small butterfly from the garden to remember their visit.

“It’s my therapeutic hobby,” she says.

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