EAST WENATCHEE — Jeff Bull unloaded a trailer full of fireworks at his stand in the Safeway Parking lot along Grant Road Tuesday.

Sales in East Wenatchee begin Wednesday morning and last until July 4. He said it’s the 10th and final year that he will operate the stand.

Because the East Wenatchee man sells from his family operated stand into the night on the fourth, he said they haven’t been able to shoot off any fireworks themselves. “It’s been 10 years,” He said. “It’ll be nice to shoot off fireworks again.”

Supplied by TNT Fireworks, he said he’s received 4,300 pounds of fireworks this year he said, the most he’s ever. Last year he sold less than 3,000 pounds.

From reports of early sales in other areas, he is expecting to have record volume this year. He thinks more families will stay at home to celebrate because of the coronavirus.

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The virus brings new challenges for his stand as TNT won’t allow customers inside of tents. They’ll order fireworks from the doorway using order forms and color photographs of each product.

They just won’t be able to browse around the tables of fireworks.

Because he doesn’t have time to shoot off his fireworks, he goes to a website to watch them being shot off to be able to explain them to his customers.

Bull says his all time favorite fountain was called the Encore. He said it hasn’t been provided to him to sell for three to four years. “It was the longest lasting, best color. It was $75 to $80 but lasted over five minutes. You could go to the bathroom and come back and it would still be going,” he said.

Douglas and Chelan counties have banned setting off fireworks although the cities of East Wenatchee, Rock Island, Waterville and Bridgeport still allow it.

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