Highway 20 will close for the season no later than Nov. 15. 

MAZAMA — Now is the time to take any end-of-season journeys over Highway 20 as the road is set to close in under three weeks.

The state Department of Transportation says Nov. 15 is the official closing date for Highway 20, a change from rolling road condition checks in years past.

The road still could be closed sooner if wintry conditions arrive before then, WSDOT says.

Crews closed down the highway on Nov. 13 last year.

Road closure points stretch from milepost 134 at Ross Dam Trailhead and milepost 171 by Silver Star Gate.

The reason a specific date has been set is to “allow travelers to plan ahead with more certainty,” according to the release. WSDOT normally reopens Highway 20 in early May.

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