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WENATCHEE — Glenn Wilson doesn’t have a job in the traditional sense of the word, but the work he does is making an impact for many in the homeless community.

Wilson, 61, is the de facto leader of a homeless camp on South Columbia Street, and the unofficial position — which includes acting as a liaison with the property owner, paying for and maintaining onsite portable toilets, bringing back food bank items and cleaning up trash and graffiti — keeps him busy.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 01.jpg

Glenn Wilson and girlfriend Vanessa Alcantara stand at the entrance to a homeless camp just south of the Sellar Bridge on Nov. 29. Wilson, homeless himself, is the unofficial camp organizer of the area on Washington State Department of Transportation land.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 08.jpg

Glenn Wilson stands by a stove, near the entrance to his tent enclosure in November.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 07.jpg

Ricardo Cervantes and Glenn Wilson play with Wilson's dog, Bruno, on South Columbia Street near the entrance to the homeless camp Wilson runs. Cervantes is homeless but was visiting the camp.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 03.jpg

Jorge Castañeda meets with camp residents twice a week on a volunteer basis. He collects donations and distributes them on his visits.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 04.jpg

Glenn Wilson sits with his large dog Bruno on Nov. 29, at the entrance to a tent located inside a tarped enclosure at the camp he organizes. He is the camp's liaison with the state DOT.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 02.jpg

Evan Stevens lights up a smoke in the homeless camp on Nov. 29. Stevens, just visiting on this night, says he lives in a car nearby.

211204-newslocal-homelesscamp 05.jpg

Amanda Tontate tries to keep warm with a cup of hot chocolate outside her tent in the homeless camp just south of the Sellar Bridge. She says Nov. 29 was her two-year anniversary of being homeless.

Don Seabrook: (509)661-5225

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