NCW — A state agency wants members of the public to look out for several invasive wood-boring insects that harm trees.

Wood-boring insects include the longhorn beetle, the emerald ash borer and the spotted lanternfly, according to the state Recreation and Conservation Office. August is the peak time of year for these insects and they are often spotted outside of trees.

If people find any of these insects they should contact the Washington Invasive Species Council at or by using the agency’s Washington Invasives app.

None of these insects have established themselves in Washington state, but there are concerns they could, according to the agency. The longhorn beetle has been found in Washington, but swift action stopped its spread.

People should take a picture of the suspected invasive insect, but not kill it as some native species may look similar, according to the agency.

To avoid the spread of invasive species people should take certain steps including:

  • Buy firewood where they will burn it. People can unknowingly move invasive insects by moving firewood.
  • When traveling, check bags and boxes to make they are insect free.

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