WENATCHEE — The Wenatchee Valley Humane Society has tips for keeping pets safe and reducing their stress on the Fourth of July.

  • Keep them in a secure space with something soft to curl up to and soft music playing.
  • Secure doors and windows.
  • Don’t bring them to outdoor festivities where they can’t be kept secure.
  • Ensure all tags and other identification are current. Licenses should be registered for free with PetHub and profiles updated with any license renewals.
  • Take them for a walk or play with them to help them relax.

If you lose or find a pet, file a report at 662-9577, option 1, or at wenatchee humane.org. From the homepage, select Resources and then Lost or Found Pets.

The Humane Society also recommends visiting the shelter after the Fourth if you lose a pet. Schedule an appointment at 662-9577, option 2.

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