Leavenworth native wants to 'give back' as mayor

Scott Bradshaw

LEAVENWORTH — Born and raised in Leavenworth, Scott Bradshaw went out of town and state to pursue a career in the utility industry, but returned to retire in his hometown.

"I actually worked on some of the original buildings when they were first remodeled in the downtown when I was a teenager," he said. "I was in high school when they had the first parades and the first Autumn Leaf Festival, and I watched it grow from there. ... This was always my home. I always came back, and now I want to give back to this community that's given me so much."

That's why he's running for mayor in the fall election. Mayor Cheri Farivar is not seeking a third term.

Bradshaw, 69, is a civil engineer and has worked in various roles, including project manager and supervisor.

He also serves on the Leavenworth Planning Commission, which he said has given him insight into the city's problems and possible solutions.

"It's been a great experience being on the Planning Commission and working with some really intelligent people that have some excellent ideas," he said. "I think as mayor, I could help promote those ideas and help, through a leadership role, get those solutions and ideas implemented."

Bradshaw previously served in Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions clubs in and out of the state. He's on the Cascade Medical Foundation board, belongs to the Autumn Leaf Festival Association and is this year's Kanzler, or chancellor, the Royal Bavarians.

He said he hopes to help Leavenworth continue its progress, maintaining growth and the Bavarian theme.

"We're surrounded by mountains; we don't have very much space to grow," he said. "The opportunity would be to take what we have and improve on what we have by making sure our infrastructure is improved, making sure we have adequate water supply and sewer supply for our residents and for our guests. We do have a lot of guests that come into town, so we need to make sure our infrastructure can support all of that."

However, he noted that the city's development has also led to problems with traffic, parking and housing.

"Those types of issues have all come up as a result of our success, and I want to be part of helping control that," he said. "I'm very much in favor of a balanced, pragmatic approach to our issues and to making (Leavenworth) continue to be a great place to live."

Candidate filing is May 13-17. The primary is Aug. 6, and the general election is Nov. 5.

Carl Florea, a founding director of Upper Valley MEND, is also running for mayor in Leavenworth.